eVTOL Players in China

(AgustaWestland Project Zero, source: helis.com)
EHang Yunfu Production Facility in Operation
XPeng backed HT Aero unveils flying car future city usage scenarios
(TF-2A, source: evtol.news)
(X-Chimera, source: AOSSCI)
(Volocopter Model at Auto Shanghai 2021, source: Volocopter)
eVTOL from AutoFlight
(Boundary Cube, source: boundary.ai)
TCab E20 taking off from Shanghai highrise
(First flight of Volant VT-25 1/3rd scale model, source: Volant)



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Shuai Chen

Shuai Chen

China | Autonomous Vehicles | Autonomous Driving | Electric Vehicles | Future Mobility (schen583@gmail.com)