I created this landscape featuring the major companies in China developing autonomous driving technologies aiming for full autonomy in vehicles of commercial use. They are categorized by application scenarios including robotaxi, robobus, robotruck, robodelivery, smart port and smart mining. Passenger vehicles are on a different path with gradual release and upgrade of ADAS features hence OEMs and ADAS suppliers are not included here.

The go-to-market strategies have evolved for a number of companies due to emerging technical challenges, uncertain commercialization models, ever-changing capital market expectations, etc., which I have been tracking for two years now. In the next post, I will dive into the three approaches these Chinese companies have adopted to survive the autonomous driving race. Follow me :) to stay updated.

Shuai Chen

All about China autonomous vehicles industry. Connect with me for B2B business consulting dedicated to foreign business in China. www.linkedin.com/in/schen583

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